“Stay Positive. Don’t think about the negative. When you think about the negative it just makes things worse.” – Juliana Carver

“I’m NOT a giver upper.” – Juliana Carver

Juliana Carver passed away on October 24, 2016 after fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer) for the 8th time. We invite you to learn about Juliana, her journey with cancer, and how terrible of a disease Pediatric Cancer can be.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

We adopted all six of our children from Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Our experience with this agency surpassed our expectations as they genuinely cared about how we felt, answered our questions and understood our concerns. Here is a video from when we first met our daughter, Juliana through Night Light.

We want to thank all of the organizations who helped us over the years as Juliana fought cancer 8 different times.

A Special THANK YOU to Dr. Jason Fixler, Dr. Joseph Wiley and Dr. Yoram Unguru and the many nurses and staff who treated Juliana at Sinai Children’s Hospital in Baltimore Maryland since 2007. We also thank the THOUSANDS of people, in more than two hundred countries, who said many prayers for Juliana over the years.
Our Mission

Juliana’s courageous Journey

Our mission is to raise awareness of pediatric cancer in hopes to finding a cure while sharing the story of our beloved daughter, Juliana.

Our Family

Adoption is Beautiful

Adoption is a beautiful option for a family. All of our six children were adopted from overseas.

So What’s next?

Please reach out to us to share your story or if you would like to learn more about Juliana’s journey. We would love to chat! Let’s Connect!